Socio-economic Plight Experienced by Opera Companies

Over the past decade, there has been an unceasing lamentation about the socio-economic plight in post-apartheid South Africa and its effect on opera companies. This severe lamentation about the socio-economic conditions has led many South African opera companies to close, and this has contributed to a high level of unemployment among performers. The unemployment of performers has brutally diminished the value of opera companies in South Africa. This paper discusses and raises awareness about the socio-economic plight experienced by opera performers. A qualitative research method was engaged, employing approaches such as interviews with opera performers in various provinces and opera companies. Other scholarly writings were reviewed to yield a reliable finding. Purposive convenient sampling was employed to collect the data. The preliminary findings reveal that post-apartheid South African opera companies have insecure economic status due to the insufficient support from the relevant funders. Dwindling audience numbers has also perpetuated the predicament of unemployment experienced by opera performers. The study concludes that the relevant funders have to support opera companies; and opera theatres have to develop novel methods to attract a larger audience.

Opera theatre unemployment socio-economic and the audience

The Arts in Social, Political, and Community Life

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Mr. Sakhiseni Joseph Yende
    • Curriculum Development Assistant, Performing Arts, Tshwana University of Technology, South Africa Gauteng Province, South Africa
    • Mr Yende is a PhD candidate in Music at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Yende has been previously¬†affiliated with Tshwane University of Technology in the Faculty of the Arts serving under the Department of Performing Arts as a Curriculum Development Assistant and as a Research Assistant. Yende has acquired extensive research skills, as he has served at Jive Media Africa as a Junior Researcher. From the year 2017 up to date, Yende has taught research methods course and has researched and supervised students in a range of Performing Arts fields such as Dance, Vocal Arts, and Musical Theatre. His present research looks into socio-economy in the field of performing arts, deteriorating of opera theatres, declining of the audience in South African theatres, Music education, African composers among other matters.