Revising the Writing Center

By: Lenore Maybaum  

Writing centers can promote social justice and serve social, political, and community life by adopting strategies that benefit immigrant/refugee students, offering services to former students living in the community, forging literacy partnerships with local universities and libraries, and revising tutor training programs to meet the tutoring needs of these groups. Through my paper I explore how the creation of community writing center satellites at local libraries has served a broader writing population, including recent immigrant refugees seeking to tell their stories, young adults searching for an audience for their poetry, and English language learners hoping to hone their English writing skills. I underscore how our college's two public library writing center satellites prioritize otherwise underserved communities, enriching the larger local arts community by offering accessible one-on-one writing support.

Community Literacy, Arts in the Community, Writing Centers, Social Justice
The Arts in Social, Political, and Community Life
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Dr. Lenore Maybaum

Associate Professor, English, Kirkwood Community College, United States
Iowa, United States