Moving from the Personal to the Public

By: Nadra Assaf  

The conflict of possessing a female body in a society that deems this body as not warranting the same rights as a male body, has shaped both the movements and identities of Assaf and Harrington. They consider the body - its appearance and movement - as a site of political discussion. They reveal the personal, expanding their message out into the public, sparking a wider conversation of how women are treated, and ultimately crossing geographic and cultural borders. Our theoretical orientation is investigating alternative methods of choreographing and performing. We hope to flesh out and solidify methods that are more inclusive and socially updated on what dance is today. Our data collection has been through journal writing, ethnographic studies, surveys, video journaling and analysis, and focus group interviewing. We have some preliminary results that include both practice theories and audience performer connections.

2020 Special Focus - Against the Grain: Arts and the Crisis of Democracy
Creative Practice Showcase

Dr. Nadra Assaf

Professor, Communication Arts, Lebanese American University, Lebanon