Immersive Emotions Lab

By: Paola Abatte Herrera  

The workshop introduces Immersive Emotions Lab, an applied theatre –practice as research way to achieve embodied knowing about how we transit our emotions, considering their nature: sensory, preverbal, trans-individual, intersubjective, territorial and interbody. Our emotions overflow verbal languages because their experiential and sensory diversity is enormous, therefore they can’t be reduced to categories so that a cognitive approach is not enough. For that reason, arts are the most suitable ways to express and make sense of them in an emancipatory approach. In this case, theatre, and among theatrical styles, immersive languages allow creating experiences to explore the flow between them. The Lab is specially devised for and by Young people who are running dramatic changes, and who cocreates an emotional path made by sensory-immersive-theatrical chambers and labyrinths. The impact of these practices is diverse, as a process of self-knowing and develop of social and emotional skills in participants and potentially as an aesthetic outcome to share: a performance that allows visitors to explore their own emotions, increasing the engagement in/with the community. In the workshop demonstration, everybody can participate; the process is developed through a range of playful experiences to demonstrate the main axes of a theoretical and practical approach to emotions from Theatre.

Applied Immersive Theatre, Emotions Emancipation Embodied Knowing, Transition Flow
Arts Education
Workshop Presentation

Paola Abatte Herrera

Lecturer, Diplomado de Pedagogía Teatral, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Artist and researcher, always imagining ways to transform society through art, because another world is possible ... 

I have found in Theatre the most powerful way to apply psychology. I have learned from children and young people, spontaneity, and playfulness, and I dedicate myself to stimulate and open spaces to their expression. I take the playful very seriously as a way of learning and reflection.