Moving Away from the Light in the Age of Multiplicity

In this presentation, I will discuss my current research and documentary film project that investigates ideas around knowing. The film is both an investigation of international and cross-cultural knowledge perspectives as well as a questioning of Western influence and domination. Through interview footage with students and educators, the content of the film addresses ideas around international education and a global vision. This film is an extension of my doctoral work, which explores Western ideological dominance by addressing epistemological authority and methodological dogma in education. This work highlight’s how in educational contexts we can begin to investigate and critically assess knowledge and knowing. I have developed a praxis called borderzone pedagogy and, among other goals, this way of thinking about and doing teaching and learning is to open up and expand the ways in which we know and the ways in which we seek out knowing. In the early production phase, I have interviewed extensive interviews with four international students, I have asked educators if and how they open their classes up to international perspectives. My goal is to understand what it means to be educated from a variety of perspectives, what an inclusive global knowledge is and how educators create inclusive international spaces in their classrooms. This research aims at discovering global perspectives on education and the process of knowing and how we as educators can teach to this multiplicity.

Film, Decolonize, Curriculum

Arts Education

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Dana Cole
    • Professor, Social Sciences, Harold Washington College, United States United States