The Architecture of Loss

By: Noah Lelek  

The researchers and students began the project by gathering narratives on loss and grief from people who have lost a loved one, hospice workers, clergy, therapists, and other members of the community who deal with loss and grief on a daily basis. The narratives were then transcribed and devised into an original performance piece entitled The Architecture of Loss. This performance incorporates text, movement, and projections to more fully understand how people physically, mentally, and narratively experience loss and grief and, in addition, how adapting/devising the material for performance can benefit people who have dealt with loss in their lives.

Devised Performance, Theatre, Loss, Grief, Collaboration, Qualitative Methods, Interviews, Movement
The Arts in Social, Political, and Community Life
Creative Practice Showcase

Noah Lelek

Assistant Professor, Department of Theatre, Texas Women's University, United States
United States