The ABCs of Impacts, Lessons learned and Unexpected Discoveries of Collaboration

By: Brenda Mc Manus   Ned Drew  

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin As professional designers, we intuitively rely upon our design skills to see and understand the visual world, yet as design educators we must also find ways to help students build those same skills. Our collaboration on a limited-edition letterpress book of ABCs began with the integrated goals: the challenge of using our diverse collection of letterpress type and images; and creating an educational opportunity in both the process and product. This showcase focuses on the production of our letterpress book, a process in which we partnered with a cross section of novice and advance design students from two universities. Through this showcase we will explore the educational value revealed in the project’s intersection of contemporary digital technologies with historic production methods of making. We will expose and dissect the various means of creative thinking (linear, lateral, spatial, compositional) as well as analytical and logistical problem-solving that became essential to resolve the complex design challenges. And finally, we will explore some of the unexpected benefits that arise from engaging a broader community of creatives to work towards a time and labor-intensive shared goal.

Arts Pedagogies, Arts Education, Creative Arts, Multimodality, Multiliteracies, Cognition, Affect
Arts Education
Creative Practice Showcase

Brenda Mc Manus

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, Art Department, Pace University-NYC, United States
United States

Ned Drew

Professor, Rutgers University-Newark, United States
United States