Digital Transformation on Social Media Advertising

By: Rabiya91 Arshad  

The world is continuously changing and revolving around new strategies and advancement of technologies. Nowadays, social media is a very powerful communicator and an effective tool used for commercial marketing and advertising of products, goods and services. With the help of social media, advertisers gain popularity, engagement and interaction with their customers. This popularity of advertisements helps the marketers and advertisers to expand their business all around the world. In near future, the standard way of advertising has been transformed to digital advertising. This digital transformation will have a great impact on our society, media, firms and industries. Thus, the digital transformation in advertising industries will also open new ways for the advertisers and marketers to communicate with their consumers personally or face to face which is beneficial from both seller’s and buyer’s perspectives, as a two-way communication on an online digital platform. The other advantages of digital advertising include money-saver, quick response of customers for adjustments and changes, fast delivery of results and sales. However, the advancement of technologies and new tools in advertisement design softwares will also make advertising easy not only for advertisers but also for common people. This paper examines the effects of digital transformation on social media advertising through qualitative content analysis. Although there are many benefits of digital adverting but it has some negative effects also. The studies show that digital media advertising has been facing many issues like copycat, media fatigue, time drain and it can also decentralize into a damage control operation.

Advertising, Digital Transformation,Social Media, Interactive, Engage
New Media, Technology and the Arts
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Rabiya91 Arshad

Student, Media and Communication, Foundation University Islamabad, Pakistan

I am a student of MS Media and Communication from Foundation University Islamabad. I have done my Bachelors in Multimedia arts from same university mentioned above and done my schooling in physic, chemistry and bio from Army Public School and College.