The Gazing Eyes

By: Sina Ghadaksaz   Vahid Askarpour  

Iranian art galleries are the final manifestations of Iranian art display culture, which have appeared in the 60s. Present study is an analytical one, which aims to peruse Iranian art galleries and their condition through 60 years till now. We are Using an archeologic method, it attempts to find out the development process of Iranian art display culture. To this end, Iranian art display culture is considered as a metaphoric archeological site, including display discourses as specific archeological layers and in each layer objects such as art galleries and art display institutions are situated. The results show so many changing points in Iranian art display culture through mentioned years and so many metamorphoses for the galleries in proportion to these alterations in the cultural context of Iranian society. However Iranian art galleries have become one of the most influential parts of contemporary Iranian art display culture and with all limitations, they had experienced before, now they are the main agents in forming process of the Iranian art scene.

Art Gallery, Art Display, Iran, Archeology
The Arts in Social, Political, and Community Life
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Sina Ghadaksaz

Student, Islamic Arts , University of Tabriz, United States
United States

I have a B.A in Multimedia Arts and M.F.A in art studies from Islamic art university of Tabriz. I have concerns in both practice and theory of art. the first one as a painter and the second one as a scholar. In art theory, I focus on anthropological approaches such as Art and agency and also archeology as a metaphor. I have also used mentioned topics in my master thesis which is concentrated on the history of art display in Iran by using both art agency and Archeological methods. As I just graduated in 2018, I don't have any official affiliation yet but I'm practicing all my studies in my ethnographic researches about Iranian art galleries. At last, I should mention Dr. Vahid Askarpour as my master and also my co-writer in present article who aided me all theoretical parts of my study and have presented me all new approaches in art and humanities. 

Vahid Askarpour

Assistant Professor , Islamic Art University of Tabriz, Iran