Reflex Action

By: María Machado  

This is a project that arises from criticism, calling for the participation and integration of the public so that a series of artifacts of meaning are activated, evidencing the state of obedience in contemporary society. The act becomes the sensory and mental experience of the participant. The reflection is a consequence of materialities, directions and recognitions. The reflex action occurs as an immediate response to provocations that seem innocuous to the expectant gaze. In turn these actions lead to enter a set of rules, established by the obedience of the "spectator" to achieve their "emancipation" from an immersive experience. Each act of the project corresponds to a dispositive. The first is "Essay on Blindness II," where through the glare of polished surfaces, he describes the impossibility of seeing what happens in the ungraspable present. The second is "Instant of danger," where instantly, every act of those within reach of this reflection is recorded. The third corresponds to "Under sentence" where a sequence of printed bands leads to go from character to character what the words sentence. The fourth "Line of flight," a black tube traversed in the room, decenters and displaces the gaze from the centrality of the object. These experiences of the spectator in the art exhibition, demonstrate these devices reflect forms that arise from the interpretation, the displacement of the glance and the experience, calling to disobey by means of a game of obediences, manifested here, like metaphor of the real-game in which it is immersed our contemporaneity

Contemporaneity, Art, Dispositive, Installation, Experience
The Arts in Social, Political, and Community Life
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

María Machado

PhD, Researcher and Professor, Architecture and Design, Universidad de la Costa, Colombia