Embracing “Truth” in the Post-truth World

By: Hsiao Min Yu  

In the post-truth era, ruling authorities attempt to influence public opinion with economization of civil political issues. Such strategy is reinforcing bias particularly with young citizens where the truth is now second to social, cultural and political preferences as the base of “believing.” The struggle of seeking “truth” illustrates the tension between social construction of reality and personal perceptions in Hong Kong’s social-political situation of today. This paper examines a localized case of a community-engaged theatre workshop conducted at a college in Hong Kong. It aims to reflect on college students’ response to human “truth” through theatre workshopping and debates as a civil political discourse in the glocal context of post-truth politics. Adopting the features of forum theatre, the workshop generates a dialogue on how young-adult citizens perceive, express and interact with struggles in dynamic tensions of populist bias in media and everyday politics. The paper further expresses the application of theatre workshopping as critical pedagogic approach on controversial issues when academic freedom has become contested in higher education in the current political climate.

Post-truth Politics, Theatre Workshopping, Community-engaged Theatre, Hong Kong
2020 Special Focus - Against the Grain: Arts and the Crisis of Democracy
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Hsiao Min Yu

Independent Researcher; Lecturer, Hong Kong
Hong Kong

YU Hsiao Min (May) receives her PhD in English from Lingnan University. With the Liberal Arts background in Contemporary English Studies, Cultural Studies, and Education, she values learner autonomy, interdisciplinary awareness and community engagement for humanistic teaching-and-learning experiences. She currently conducts lectures, workshops and action research on threatre workshopping across communities in the era of glocal social activism.