The Power of Interdisciplinary Collaborations in Art Studio

Developing skills and talents through traditional art studio curriculum, and as a result developing a portfolio, may not be a sufficient pedagogy in the 21st century university. Introducing innovative collaborations among related or unrelated studio disciplines may be a necessity to broaden students’ knowledge, professional and interpersonal skills. The Net and iGenerations, the current student population, are defined by their technology and effective use of media. They are organized and can multitask, but often limit their communication to the closest circle of classmates isolating themselves. In art studios, the hands-on approach to the creative process naturally creates a self-sufficient environment for a student. Through interdisciplinary collaborative projects, on-line and on campus, students have a unique opportunity to work with other art and non-art students. The interdisciplinary collaborations, such as with science, enrich students by developing better communication skills, critical thinking, adaptability, by broadening knowledge and expanding their inspiration. This paper will try to shed new light on studio experience and practices, and how it impacts students.

Collaborations, New Pedagogy

Arts Education

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Barbara Westman
    • Associate Professor, Art, Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, United States PA, United States
    • I have been a resident of Pennsylvania, USA since 2002 when I moved from Poland. I obtained dual MFA in Fiber Art and Printmaking at The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, Poland (currently: University of Fine Arts). Since my arrival to the US I have been dividing my time between teaching and working on my own art. I evenly enjoy fiber art and printmaking. My interests are in textures and structures, whether natural or man-made. My observation and interpretation of both is presented in my prints and fiber art works. Currently I am an Associate Professor of Fiber Art and Printmaking at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. Over the years I have participated in numerous national and international art exhibits.