Visually Documenting Dishonesty through the Dual Modalities o ...

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This article documents the research methodologies and subsequent multifaceted outcomes of a two-year visual study of lies and truth. By reviewing numerous artefacts created within the context of this research, the dual modalities of distraction and discomfort were discovered to provide a quasi-dyadic coalition to creative strategy, which significantly informed, led, and challenged the creative practice. Accordingly, this article discusses how, when, and where these modalities were implemented, by leveraging from two established academic models that demonstrate the various stages of the creative process. The visual study was structured into two imbricating layers: foremost, an online, anonymous confessional platform,; and secondly, the creation of an art book, “The Big Book of Bullshit.” Typographic, illustrative, and photographic artefacts were subsequently created, inspired by these anonymous confessions of dishonesty. This article analyses six cases from this visual study and presents connections between the modalities of distraction and discomfort and effective creative production. In conclusion, this article reviews the potential for further research to develop the dual modalities of distraction and discomfort as both pedagogical frameworks and as practice based creative strategy.