Time Learning on Analog Clocks in an Automatic Feedback Context

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In this work, we aim to understand how automatic feedback tasks created in GeoGebra contributed to learning how to tell time on analog clocks. Therefore, several tasks were implemented in a fourth-grade class that already had knowledge of analog clocks and hours. These tasks aimed to revise the topic, supporting students with automatic feedback applications and introducing a connection between time and fractions. We adopted a design research methodology through classroom design studies to develop, interpret, and analyze the results during and at the end of the study. The research team also aimed to determine whether the design and application of tasks with automatic feedback, in this specific topic, would allow students to improve their performance autonomously. The introduction of this novelty for these students proved successful, and automatic feedback provided an added benefit by stimulating student autonomy. During the analysis of the errors made, we concluded that they mainly occurred in relation to the hour hand, which aligns with observations from previous research.