Tech in Europe

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The integration of technology in culture and art in Europe is transformational. Technology is changing the social fabric of cities in Central Europe, like the existential movements of the past have done. Cities like Vienna, Prague, Linz, and Berlin are experiencing a socio-cultural renaissance because of technology. In Prague, the philosophy of Franz Kafka is having significant impact on society in the digital age. Kafka’s existentialism is as relevant today as it was 100 years ago. Kafka said, “The decisive moment in human evolution is perpetual.”1 Kafka’s existentialism is relevant, from the perspective of social anthropology, to understanding digital media’s transformative effect on the culture of Prague today. In Vienna, the Viennese aim to create things that are different, weird, and strange—and they are doing it with digital media in the twenty-first century. Vienna is currently a hotbed of innovative applications of digital media in art. In Vienna, there is a new kind of modernism, a digital modernism. In Berlin, though the scars from Cold War division remain today, there is remarkable resiliency in the city and a plan to make it a leader in digital media in Europe, and perhaps around the world. Digital media is many things in Berlin. It is technology, art, commerce, education, and lifestyle. Digital media is bringing together high society and bohemianism, in an effort to create a new economy. German existentialist Friedrich Nietzche advocated for cultural rebirth in Europe. Europe is experiencing such a rebirth with digital media: creating artistic and social cultures that are wildly interesting and progressive and have technology integrated in them.