The Writer's Toolkit: Strategies for Writing in the New Media


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  • Title: The Writer's Toolkit: Strategies for Writing in the New Media: Overt Instruction Updates
  • Author(s): Rita van Haren
  • Collection: CGScholar Tutorials
  • Keywords: Brainstorming, Constructive Feedback, Annotations, Reviews, Media, Structure, Revision, Rubric, Checker.
  • Date: November 05, 2014

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This Learning Module consists of a comprehensive range of strategies for writing, with a particular focus on writing in the new, digital media. Each ‘overt instruction update’ is presented as a focused mini-lesson that can be delivered as an update through the Community area of Scholar. Every one of these overt instruction updates is also to be found in one of the Learning Modules in the Scholar Literacies Learning Modules in the Bookstore.The purpose of this Writer’s Toolkit is so that teachers can use these instructional updates as and when needed by their students.