The Limit & The Derivative


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  • Title: The Limit & The Derivative: Can Change Happen in an Instant?
  • Author(s): Samuel Jonynas
  • Publisher: Scholar Open
  • Collection: Learning Design and Leadership Modules
  • Series: Mathematics
  • Keywords: mathematics, calculus, limit, functions, derivative, rates of change, instantaneous rates of change, slope, optimization, related rates, extrema
  • Date: December 06, 2022

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The goal of this Learning Module is to introduce students to the concept of the limit and understand its application to the derivative of a function of a single variable. Then, having understood that theoretical framework, students will explore key applications of differentiation, including finding local extrema, related rates, and optimization. This Learning Module seeks to adopt wherever possible the Knowledge Process and multiliteracies framework in order to better connect calculus to its applications in the real world and to questions of significance for the learners.