The Impossibility of Isolation

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The image, and creative practice in general, is considered as a vehicle by which we can enter states of transition and transmission. Through an analysis of the author’s recent art work, the ontological idea of the impossibility of isolation and completeness is explored. To this end two key aspects are discussed. Firstly, the study looks at image content, in particular images related to the escalator in spaces of transit. Here there is a constant entering and exiting space and our frame of perception. On the escalator people and objects stand still and space itself moves. Space becomes time, denying enclosure and completeness. Secondly, the article outlines a number of visual strategies and processes which establish fluidity between borders and frames. These include the Deleuzian idea of reciprocal determination, where distinct states and genres in fact bleed into, and determine, each other. Within the art work there is a parallel mimicking and confusion between the disciplines of painting and photography. Visual processes, such as the pouring of veils of paint, originate outside the work and flow out of the frame, in an analogous way to the constant transmission in spaces of transit.