The Doctoral Journey

Doctoral journey front cover

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Herein we, like others, define doctoral education as the educative process leading to a doctoral degree. Our book moves beyond this narrow definition and into diverse perspectives from thirteen authors who reflect upon their educational experiences within various doctoral programs. By looking back, each author describes their personal doctoral journey and in doing so addresses the reader directly with informed suggestions and helpful advice for those who may be contemplating such a journey. The reader will notice how the authors raise their voices via the text and unfolds their past journey with purpose and candor. Each author addresses the journey from the initial steps of application and acceptance into their chosen doctoral program by a competitive and intense submission process, to completion. Within each doctoral program, each person details how they moved through the coursework and constructed an original thesis which was eventually defended and approved by a committee of supervisory scholars. The tensions surfaced in their words, reflections and comprehensive memories. Perhaps you may even see yourself in these words. Nonetheless, what is certain is that you will connect with the words, terms and phrases as you move through each story.