The Disruptive Classroom

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Businesses are paying attention to big disruptions to their normal business operations. Likewise, educational institutions cannot ignore disruptions caused by the influence of world change in this innovative, digital age. Recent research indicates that business-related topics including big disruptions are a major focus of study at universities. However, there are limited studies that address how to integrate innovation such as the disruptive classroom into an undergraduate business education program, especially in the Thai context and within Thai culture. One objective of this research was to show how innovative learning environments are strongly connected to teaching an entrepreneurship course. A second objective was to develop conceptual ideas and convert them into actionable plans. A pilot study was used to test the course design for integrated active learning using the disruptive classroom concept. During the pilot study, students’ perceptions, viewpoints, and areas of interest were explored and incorporated into the teaching plan. Data were obtained using surveys, interviews, students’ reflective papers, and instructor observations. The course design for integrated active learning and the findings of the pilot study can be used to create similar action plans for other types of business courses. The findings of the study can also be used as input to further research into this important and cutting-edge topic.