The Desire for Metaphysics

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What is the desire for metaphysics? Is it like all desires, possessing the typical intentional structure of a subject directing at an object and thus exceeding its own boundaries? A positive answer to this question would lead to a tautology, since both the desire and the metaphysics denote the person’s going beyond himself. This collection is founded on the argument that the desire for metaphysics is greater than any other human desire, due to the nature of metaphysics itself, thanks to which it cannot simply be considered as an object like all other objects. Metaphysics is not just a worldview regarding the things that exist in the world, human nature, the essence of human consciousness, and so on. The metaphysics to which human desire is directed denotes the evident and all-embracing consciousness regarding the existence of an abstract and profound level in the world of existing things that is simultaneously responsible for their formation and for the fact that they can never be exhausted by their manifestations. The described desire for metaphysics, as the ultimate impetus of philosophical engagement, is present in the depth of each of the articles in this collection. Yet the variance apparent in the articles of this collection reveals a fundamental point regarding metaphysics: due to its holistic nature, it can never be exhausted in particular contents, and it is still always revealed in the commitment to the particular experience in which it appears.