Tecnologias digitais e ensino remoto em tempos de pandemia:


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For a long time, there have been numerous obstacles related to the teaching of English in public schools. However, in times of the Covid-19 pandemic and suspension of face-to-face classes, the teaching of this language has been marked by adjustments, adaptations and inventions that triggered other teaching practices, successful or not, but which, above all, can direct other possibilities for face-to-face classes. This article focuses on the reflections of two teachers from the state education network in Bahia based on the use of digital technologies in English classes during remote teaching, that is, our practices in dialogue with theorists such as Cope emerge in this text; Kalantzis (2012), Kenski (2010) and Moran (2017). We understand that the classroom in the face-to-face format needs, more than before the aforementioned pandemic, an approach to social practices that involve digital and its potential in order to achieve better results in language teaching.