Student Wellness

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This study explored various aspects of Canadian post-secondary student views on wellness. Primarily based around physical and mental wellness, this work looked specifically at student self-reporting on a small Canadian post-secondary campus in northern Alberta, Canada. Participants were asked a series of open- and closed-ended questions relating to their perceived physical activity levels and mental health status. Responses indicated that physical activity does impact their mental health, and reflected a strong focus on environment, academic, personal, and social influencers in relation to their mental health. With 24.5 percent of the respondents having accessed mental health services on- or off-campus in the past twelve months, the participants also presented a strong case for the necessity of effective coping strategies during the busier times throughout the academic year. In response to the findings, the research team aims to collaborate with the institution’s Mental Health Action Team and Interdisciplinary Research Cluster on Wellness to discuss, plan, and implement strategies to help alleviate barriers to student wellness.