Social Justice, Youth Involvement, and Africa's Growth

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Several critics have argued that Africans will never attain continental renewal without the meaningful involvement of the youth. Throughout the African continent, there has been a growing youth surge, which demonstrates that young people are the majority in various African states. This then means various national projects and programs, such as African renaissance and decolonization of knowledge, will not succeed without the commitment of young people. The youth will determine the social, political, and economic agenda of their respective countries as they move towards the future. This paper focuses on how young people can be empowered for the enhancement of the African continent as, well as future sustainability. With special reference to South African youth, the article explores how a socially just education will enrich and prepare the youth for an emboldened, worthy future. Finally, this article demonstrates that the redress of past or historical imbalances should not eschew youth programs. Empowered youth will enact the Pan-African ideals and end societal ills such as lack of education, poverty, and sickness.