Sexist Beliefs of Sixth-Grade Students of Primary Education i ...

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This research is based on the question of whether sexism exists in boys and girls in two primary schools in Teruel and the perception they have of emotional intelligence. To test the students’ perception of emotional stereotypes in both sexes, we calculated their score in ambivalent sexism for a sample of 77 subjects of both sexes. The presence of sexism was detected in the sample; according to the formulated scale, it appears to be present in low levels. Hostile sexism prevails over benevolent sexism in both sexes. It has been found that in hostile sexism the differences are statistically significant between both sexes. Hostile sexism with respect to benevolent sexism is higher in boys than in girls, while benevolent sexism is equally low in girls. These findings encourage working on this topic in schools in a more specific manner, and thus promote more comprehensive education for students.