Road to The Revolution


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  • Title: Road to The Revolution: The Events Leading Up to the American Revolution
  • Author(s): Trisha Ferguson
  • Publisher: Scholar Open
  • Collection: Learning By Design Modules K-12
  • Keywords: 13 Colonies, revolution, freedom, independence, Revolutionary war, British
  • Date: July 06, 2022

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This learning module is all about the events leading up to the American Revolution. Students will be learning about on average three acts per week. We start with the 13 Colonies and how they were under British Rule, we then move onto the Proclamation Act of 1763 (The first event on the road to the revolution). Students learn how a number of events imposed on the colonists by the British lead to America gaining its independence. At the end of the learning module, students are prompted to make a prediction about what the battle of Lexington and Concord will cause. This allows students and teachers to transition smoothly into the American Revolution.