Quasi-physical View on the Development of the Infosphere

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The potential of informational technologies (IT) is used insufficiently. We posit that the natural sciences methods are inapplicable to informational phenomena. We assert and sustain the suggestion that the infosphere is developing with a lag relative to the sphere of physical phenomena. The logic of the development, which we style as quasi-physical, is, however, similar. We propose the Paradigmatic Innovation Development (PIDev) model that explains the current state of IT as a state of the pre-paradigmatic phase and its preparedness to transition to the paradigmatic phase. The latter also implies the beginning of the scientific phase of the development of the noosphere. The paradigmatic phase corresponds to the model of Vertical Integration of Knowledge (VIK) or Parabola of Knowledge. The key to scientific development of the infosphere is the ontology of sign construction, an abstraction that serves as an invariant on the set of computer programs, databases, and organizations.