Perception Evaluation Kit

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This article aims to show the results from the Perception Evaluation Kit workshop: A Case Study with Materials. The study attempts to understand people’s sensorial perception of materials as a stimulus and what constitutes the most appropriate communication format for learning about their characteristics without losing information. Eleven people participated in this activity and, using evaluation tools in a test format, evaluated all the sensory properties of the following materials: Alusion, Cladonia stellaris, and Silkworms. These materials were presented in various interaction formats, called channels: text plus image–C1, video–C2, and physical sample plus audio–C3. Each participant evaluated one material per channel, without repeating samples or interaction formats. The activity was then discussed and, a month later, a question was asked to see what material they remembered best and how they described it. The data obtained were analysed with a two-way ANOVA statistical test to detect and compare the most notable differences. The most relevant results indicate a significant difference depending on the channel used to transmit the information of the materials and their sensory attributes, making it possible to evaluate the choice of the channel or the combination of channels to encourage more effective learning regarding materials.