New Patterns of Tourism in Peru

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This article investigates the motivational drivers for senior tourists who choose Peru as a destination using the push and pull factor framework. Based on the National Survey for Inbound Tourists in Peru, a regression model is built using two sets: matched and full sample in order to divide data in two groups (tourists aged 50+ and the overall number of tourists). The results show that senior travelers have two relevant push factors that explain travel choice: 1. region of origin and 2. gaining knowledge. In addition, correlations between push and pull variables, controlled by region of origin, were identified and tested to support consistency between the two sets of tourists’ decision-making. In this case, the results show that there are different preferences on senior inbound tourists depending on their region of origin. These results provide useful insights for policy makers and companies approaching the senior market segment. Thus, this investigation contributes to this field of knowledge as previous studies have examined tourism in general but have not focused on the senior market in Peru.