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In this article, our main aim is to discuss diversity in the foreign-language classroom. It is understood that teachers have to cope with different learning levels and reflect on the lack of interest of primary-education pupils in learning English. Thus, we have carried out a study with primary-education pupils of a public school in Andalusia to determine which are their favourite subjects and why, which factors motivate them the most, and also to see, in terms of diversity, which classroom procedures have the biggest impact on pupils’ motivation. The obtained results can be used as a basis for a set of recommendations on how to increase intrinsic second language pupils’ motivation in primary schools. The main aim is not only to make students pass exams, but to make them see how important English is, along with fostering their intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. The results could be generalised not only to other schools in Andalusia, but also in other contexts in Spain.