Mobile Cities

E08 4

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Globalization is closely connected with a tremendous mobilization all over the world and a vast urbanization especially in the developing countries. In fact, globalization without mobilization seems to be unthinkable, and the urbanization in world regions like Asia and Africa appears as the necessary consequence of a catching up modernization. Therefore in Megacities the process of Globalization can be studied like under a burning glass. Megacities are without a doubt the most striking manifestation of a global dynamic of urbanization. They should therefore be considered in a global context and compared and assessed internationally rather than being perceived as a unique phenomenon, as has all too often been the case in the past. Furthermore the rapid development of the megacities cannot be separated from the transport development it relies on – megacities are extremely mobile cities. In this paper, megacities are thus considered in the context of global city and transport development, and particular attention is given to transport development. At the same time, the international comparison of world regions at different stages of urbanization and mobilization opens up an historical perspective. This perspective relativises the supposedly exceptional character of these centers of settlement without detracting from the challenges associated with the development of the megacities.