Learning and Teaching Scholarship


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This article describes a community of practice in learning and teaching scholarship, spanning the social sciences, humanities and creative arts disciplines in an Australian university. Those in formal leadership roles for learning and teaching have adapted the “integrated scholarship” approach, which involves collaborative learning through practice, research, reflection and discovery. Using a comparative personal narrative methodology, we focus on stories of leading curriculum development and implementation. First, we explain the aims of the community of practice, in establishing a colloquial space to explore stories from practice in different disciplinary group contexts. Second, we present three stories from our practice, illustrating the influence of the disciplines on our leadership practice and language. Third, we compare the approaches, outcomes and reflections in the three contexts, with further reflection upon the implications of building relationships between disciplinary “world views” in the social sciences, humanities and creative arts. The article highlights that interdisciplinary thinking is integral to making creative connections for collaborative knowledge building, in exploring the scholarship of learning and teaching across disciplines.