Internationalization of Creative Industries

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Creative industries have become an important sector in country development due to their contribution to economic output as well as their cultural value. Given these characteristics, countries and international organizations have begun to consider the specific development needs of this kind of company, particularly their involvement in international trade. Chile has identified these industries as one sector that could potentially change its current dependence on the export of natural resources by giving its export basket a more value-added and knowledge-intensive weighting. For this purpose, the governmental trade promotion agency ProChile has supported the internationalization of small- and medium-sized enterprises linked to the design of Furniture, Objects and Illumination (FOI). This article analyzes the current state of Chilean FOI enterprises and their internationalization capabilities using a qualitative methodology. This assessment was based on a two-step approach, including an online survey to establish the characteristics of these companies, and face-to-face semi-structured in-depth interviews conducted with key stakeholders from the private, public, and academic sectors. We conclude that, despite the existence of government support, the absence of management skills and production capacities to achieve international markets remain the main constraints on successful FOI export development.