Interaction of Scales in Housing Design Process

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Housing design studio is a part of the educational program in every architecture school. Housing as a building type could be designed at different scales, and each scale requires particular design considerations. However, there are issues that could be reflected from one scale to the other. This fact makes housing design an appropriate topic for improving the students’ ability to learn multiscale approach in architectural design. This study is focused on the significance of the interaction of scales in housing design education. First, the research introduces a theoretical framework, including sociocultural, environmental, and physical dimensions of housing design. Then, it suggests an educational method for a coherent housing design process from small to large scale, arranged in two connected studios, which play a complementary role to each other. As the conclusion, stages in the design process of the continuous studios, the necessity of defining a third scale, and the relation of theoretical dimensions to the scales are discussed. Finally, the interaction of scales through feedback loops of the design process is clarified.