Insights into France’s Relationship to Religion(s) and Spirituality

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This is the first article of a research project based on the analysis of the French magazine “Le Monde des Religions” (literally “The World of Religions”). Both Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) and French Discourse Analysis theory are used as theoretical frameworks. “Le Monde des Religions” is approached as one form of public discourse on religion(s) and spirituality in contemporary France. It represents a window into how France, or at least the producers and to an extent the readership of the magazine, currently relate to both. The analysis of the data selected for this article focuses on the names given to the magazine, from 1953 until 2003 when it became “Le Monde des Religions,” and the titles of the thematic dossiers as they appear as the main coverlines on the front-covers of the eighty-three issues published between 2003 and May-June 2017.