Improving the Efficiency of the Corporation's Human Potential Reproduction

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The article analyzes the possibilities for increasing the role of human capital as a tool for implementing the provisions on enhancing the role and importance of corporate motivation tools in the structure of improving the acquisition of new data, and improving the economic state of the corporate environment. The author shows that human potential is not only a personal characteristic, received by the employee independently, but also by the acquired position, which is ensured by the implementation of corporate instruments. The economic, social, and legal provisions of such instruments are also considered. The author as a subject of research use not only traditional large business objects, but also structures of a more regional nature. It is shown that the tasks that are set depending on the size of the enterprise as a whole are solved by the same methods, and the social aspect is determined only by the capabilities of the enterprise itself. The novelty of the study is the provision that each of the instruments of social policy has an economic basis and generates a designated rate of profit in prospect. It is also noted that the feature of large multinational companies is that the social package also includes various elements that can be provided by subjects of public authorities. Prospects for further research include the analysis of the situation when the corporation, as owners, has a state-owned enterprise. In this case, the issue of differentiating the social policy of the state and the company itself deserves attention.