Idiosyncratic Social Determinants of Wellbeing for Middle-age ...

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This research presents a case study of social determinants of wellbeing for middle aged men playing over-35s soccer (football) in the inner western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. The article also notes the relative scarcity of studies in this age group (spanning the “middle” years) and the potential for establishing models of development for soccer and other sports’ participation which could enhance wellbeing of men in their middle years. Through predominantly survey and semi-structured interview data, some insights are presented into what builds and sustains wellbeing in community football. The study explores how men in this age group access and engage in club, community football, how they contribute to the development of team culture and practices and how these things, in turn, sustain aspects of wellbeing. The findings of the study explore some of the idiosyncratic characteristics of participation in soccer that might contribute to wider understandings of wellbeing. In doing this, a model for developing and sustaining wellbeing is presented.