Games as an Art Medium

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Games and art have coexisted, at least since the beginning of the twentieth century. During the last twenty years, the separation between games and art has dissipated as much for the artists as for the creators of games. This article is related to a doctoral research on Games as an Artistic Medium with a Social Function and will discuss the most important exhibitions that have been a turning point to accept games as a critical medium in the exhibition space. First, the article will examine the exhibitions that, during the twentieth century, have served as a reference point to place the game in the artistic space, with Duchamp in Dada, Fluxus Movement, and Jean Tinguely with his kinetic sculptures. Then, a tour of all the art exhibitions that have exhibited games with a certain content or social purpose is made until critical games exhibitions are reached. The article will end exposing the exhibitions that have been carried out as a result of the research.