Food Security Conditions of the Three Communities in the Cons ...

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This article presents the food security conditions in the three communities of the conservation areas of Southern Thailand by using face-to-face survey questionnaires of 377 sample population-dealing local practices, and by using in-depth interviews with nine representatives of the females and males. The questionnaires data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, percentages, t-tests, and narrative analysis for in-depth information. The results found that the respondents mostly ate cereals, spices, beverages, and other vegetables, respectively. Respondents were able, with permission, to access public areas for finding food. Moreover, both females and males accessed food by working equally, receiving a salary indifferently and an inheritance equally. Females mostly cooked. The popular foods were yellow curry, spicy curry, preserved catfish, and fish paste. In addition, respondents did not feel they were in a food insecurity situation; they had never allowed themselves to get hungry. The local knowledge between females and males in coping with the food insecurity was, (1) both were equally able to cope, (2) both were helping to cope with the food insecurity situation, (3) females might prefer to cope with only certain activities, (4) for some activities, the old females could not cope, and (5) for a few activities, only specific types of males could manage.