Flash-frying vs. Deep-fat Frying


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Deep-fat frying is a common preparation method for fish in the foodservice industry as well as the home kitchen. Flash-frying has been promoted as a healthier method of preparing fish. The differences in fat absorption of cod prepared by deep-fat frying (350°F for 4 minutes) and flash-frying (400°F for 1.5 minutes) as well as sensory qualities were evaluated for this study. Results showed that both deep-fat frying and flash-frying significantly increased the fat content of cod. Contrary to the promotion of flash-frying as a healthier method of preparation, the flash-fried cod had a non-significantly higher amount of total fat compared to the deep-fried cod. Sensory analysis indicated consumers did not show a clear preference for deep-fried or flash-fried cod and rated both favorably.