Film and Television Production as Audiovisual Design

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Industrial film and television production (FTP) includes many elements of creative work on sounds and images that are best addressed as audiovisual design. Two paradigmatic understandings of design, “design-as-problem-solving” and “design-as-meaning-creation”, have a bearing on these elements. The issues dealt with during FTP work processes, as well as the problems to be solved and the characteristics of the work processes used, resemble issues, problems, and process characteristics within design work. From the perspective of audiovisual communication, both the design and production aspects of a process are considered to make an important impact on a message. In FTP, these aspects are blurred. This paper discusses the benefits of approaching FTP as creation of audiovisual communication, in which design is an integrated part of that process. The benefits of considering FTP as audiovisual design are proposed from a design research perspective.