Extending the Boundaries


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The frequent social and theoretical changes which have occurred in recent times have impacted greatly on the higher education industry. These changes have taken place predominantly, for example, in the disciplines of education, arts, and architecture which have formulated the basis of the development of postmodern theory and discourse. Until recently other professions have shunned the postmodern traditions of research and as such have developed their own epistemological assumptions for research methodologies and knowledge production. This text considers postmodern perspectives on sport management research. Sport management academics are now able to develop differing theoretical structures and research directions hitherto unavailable to them. This book addresses problems that arise specifically when researching in the sport management area and provides an indepth understanding of the theoretical concepts which surround the ‘postmodern condition’. For example, issues of Critical Theory, Reflection, Narrative, Action Research, Postmodernism and the Postmodern Ethnography are highlighted in the text. Theory and practice are developed together in order to create further understandings for research into the sport management arena. The wide ranging overviews of the ‘postmodernist condition’ as espoused in this book are designed for the experienced researcher in sport management and also to be utilised as an essential text for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the sport management sector.