Exploring In-service and Pre-service Teachers’ Perceptions of ...

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Technology has evolved over the years, and twenty-first century living necessitates the use of technology in all spheres of life. In keeping with this rapid transformation, teacher education institutions globally have adopted educational reforms in response to this changing landscape. It is not uncommon for teachers to use online platforms, videos, interactive whiteboards, laptops, dynamic software, and the smart phone to support teaching and learning within their educational milieus. In this study, data was generated from in-service and pre-service teachers through the use of observations, task-based worksheets, and semi-structured interviews. Data was analyzed qualitatively using inductive reasoning and thematic coding. This study was framed within the ambits of the Geometric Habits of Mind and the Instructional Design framework. The findings of this study exhibit that teaching with technology may not be for everyone, but it does inspire notions of confidence and promotes independent thinking. The concluding remarks mention some important research implications and directions for learners, teachers, lecturers and curriculum developers working within higher education.