Expectations and Organizational Realities

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Human resources are the main resource in organizations. The remaining assets would not be worth much without them. This research seeks to show the relationship between the person and the organization to help human resource managers. The study population includes 640 employees of Dey Bank. Cochran’s method was used to estimate the sample and the sampling method was simple random. The required sample size was 222 people. This research used a researcher-made questionnaire whose reliability was provided by Cronbach’s alpha. The data analysis was performed using SPSS software and multivariate regression test and descriptive statistics were used. According to the results, the level of employees’ expectations from Dey Bank and their job satisfaction is at the desired level. There was also a significant relationship between Dey Bank employees’ satisfaction with their expectations of their salaries and their expectations of the organization’s incentives. There was a significant relationship between the level of thinking of Dey Bank employees about leaving their organization and the level of peace of mind when attending the bank and their expectations from the physical environment.