Disability and Culture


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This book is the first of its kind to specifically look at the issues of how disability is culturally placed and contextualized in different societies. Within, it covers a range of professional, inter-professional, and international perspectives of culture and disability. It also begins to look at the cultural considerations when researching culture and disability. These cutting edge chapters written by leading practitioners, researchers, and academics raise questions and provide answers to some of the critical issues around disability and culture. In their writings, they highlight current and seminal work on this topic while providing clarity on the meaning of disability and culture in a way that opens up debate and provides resolution. This book provides a positive outlook on the topic and makes it accessible to not only academics and professionals, but also service users and students alike. The authors throughout this book largely agree that those living with disability need to be provided for in society and that this is achieved through a cultural understanding of disability in society and an understanding of self. The importance of their comments relating to these concepts are to be noted.