Design Principles for Online Teacher Professional Development


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  • Title: Design Principles for Online Teacher Professional Development: Applying principles of effective oTPD for Designers and Developers
  • Author(s): Lori Hensold
  • Publisher: Scholar Open
  • Collection: Learning By Design Modules K-12
  • Series: Design and Technology
  • Keywords: Online Teacher Professional Development, Online Professional Learning, Instructional Design
  • Date: October 21, 2020

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Effective educators rely upon evidence-based practices to support student learning. Effective online teacher professional development (oTPD) should also rely on research-based design practices to support online professional learning. This online learning module shares five oTPD design principles of Ostashewski, Moisey and Reid (2011) from the article “Applying Constructionist Principles to Online Teacher Professional Development” that can guide educators to more efficiently design and develop effective online professional learning.