Multimodal Literacies


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This Learning Module supports chapters 8-16 of the "Literacies" book, written by Kalantzis, Cope, Chan and Dalley-Trim, and published by Cambridge University Press. Whereas the focus of traditional literacy pedagogy has been the written word in its standard and literary forms, this Learning Module and its accompanying book expand the scope of literacy learning to encompass contemporary multimodal texts and the wide range of ways of making meaning that occur in different social and cultural contexts. The Learning Module includes updates that can be delivered into the activity streams of learners to prompt discussion, surveys which prompt short responses, and two projects in which participants write multimodal works and peer review each others works before they are published into each person's web portfolio. In one of these projects, participants themselves design a Learning Module, deliverable to a defined student group. Another learning module, "Literacy Teaching and Learning: Aims, Approaches and Pedagogies" addresses Chapters 1-7 of the "Literacies" book. This "Multimodal Literacies" learning module does not require or expect that participants will have already completed the "Literacy Teaching and Learning" module.