Communication Skills Training with Pictograms to Improve Read ...

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The main aim of this study was to assess the impact of the PCS method (picture communication symbols) on the ability to learn, to read and write in children with Speech and Language Impairments. This article presents the results of a quasi-experimental study that seeks to improve communication skills among preschool-age children who have difficulties with language and speech, whereby the ultimate goal is to improve their inclusion at school. The main question of the study was to determine if using picture communication symbols could increase the children’s communication level from the logo graphic (this phase is characterized by reading logos, symbols, etc.) to the alphabetic stage (this phase is characterized by reading phonemes), thereby improving their Spanish reading and writing levels. Both groups (intervention and control group) received the same school program; only the intervention group used the PCS method. The results indicated that children of the intervention group showed indeed better results in most dimensions of language development than the control group. The use of the PCS method facilitated children to read and write at much higher levels.