Collective Intelligence(s)


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  • Title: Collective Intelligence(s)
  • Author(s): Ibrahima Doumbya
  • Publisher: Scholar Open
  • Collection: Learning Design and Leadership Modules
  • Series: Social Studies
  • Keywords: Collective Intelligence, Swarm Intelligence, Plant Intelligence, Original Collective Intelligence, Pyramidal Collective Intelligence, Global Collective Intelligence, Holomidal Collective Intelligence, Collaboration, Holopticism, Panopticism, object-Link, Social Groups,
  • Date: December 13, 2022

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Collective Intelligence(s) familiarizes learners with the different kinds of collaborative schemes in the natural, the animal, and the human worlds that lead to the emergence of seemingly or real collective intelligence. The fundamental goal is to enable learners to analyze and evaluate various forms of emergent properties and potentially apply their principles for effective collaborations in their everyday lives.