An Integration of Thai Buddhist Monk Social Norms

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  • Title: An Integration of Thai Buddhist Monk Social Norms: Preventions and Solutions
  • Author(s): Kla Somtrakool, Ying Keeratiburana, Suthea Srichumsang
  • Publisher: Common Ground Research Networks
  • Collection: Common Ground Research Networks
  • Series: Religion in Society
  • Journal Title: The International Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Society
  • Keywords: Buddhism, Decadence, Integration, Monks, Prevention
  • Volume: 7
  • Issue: 1
  • Year: 2017
  • ISSN: 2154-8633 (Print)
  • ISSN: 2154-8641 (Online)
  • DOI:
  • Citation: Somtrakool, Kla, Ying Keeratiburana, and Suthea Srichumsang. 2017. "An Integration of Thai Buddhist Monk Social Norms: Preventions and Solutions." The International Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Society 7 (1): 69-74. doi:10.18848/2154-8633/CGP/v24i01/69-74.
  • Extent: 5 pages


This research aimed to study the historical background of Buddhist monks in Bangkok and surrounding provinces, examine the current circumstances and problems of Buddhist monks, and integrate the social norms of ordained Buddhist monks for the prevention of self-indulgence and corruption among Buddhists. Data were collected by observation, survey, interview, workshop, and focus group discussion. Collected data were validated using the triangulation method. The validated results were then assessed by a descriptive analysis. The research results revealed that the temples and perimeter examined in Bangkok had been built and developed with the local communities. People wishing to be ordained as monks must be brought to the abbot of a local temple by their father, mother, relatives, sub-district chief, and community leader. They must then ask for permission to be ordained and be prepared for training and learning the scripture and holy Buddhist precepts. They are guided through their ordination by a senior mentor. Once graduated as a monk, some do not perform their duties with the necessary discipline and rigor. For this reason, steps must be taken to ensure that Buddhist monks remain faithful to their duties. Three guidelines are required for the integration of norms in Buddhist monks for preventing and solving Buddhist decadence issues: lifestyle, tradition, and law. Related religious and government institutions may use the findings of this research to prevent and solve Buddhist decadence issues in Bangkok and the surrounding provinces.